Staff Member: KiiDrea


Staff Level: Admin

Greetings fellow gaymers, my name is Kii [ Pronounced Kai if you see me in game ], the resident pet lizard and ritual sacrifice of the SCP Facility staff team. I tend to play more during evenings/very early mornings dependent on my university schedule and how much I care about getting 7-8 hours of sleep.

And no, contrary to how my voice sounds I am not a pre-pubescent boy. Nor will I add you on snapchat. No, I also don’t want to be your e-girlfriend unless you’re willing to pay my university funds for the next 2 years.

Outside of SCP I play primarily Nintendo games, FFXIV, Stardew Valley and, more rarely, Overwatch. Other than that you can generally catch me either drawing or watching anime on my free days. Feel free to talk to my any time about any of these things — I’m always happy to chat !

Discord: KiiDrea#8952