Staff Level: Admin

Salutations, My name is AncientEvil the Wanderer; more commonly known as Ancient, Evil, or Wanderer. I have no qualms with what you call me.
I am a Clearance level 5 Researcher for the SCP foundation (I do not do this often, more when they require extra researchers), and resident IT support for the SCP Facility.
I am able to read and code in 14 different languages, (AS3, Batch files [Windows CMD], C, C++, C#, CSS, D, HTML (And XML), Java, JavaScript, Python, Powershell, PHP, SQL) Granted I am not fluent, and I do make some mistakes.
As a cyber security enthusiast, I am also an Ex-Hacker, which i want to get back into at some point. Perhaps I will someday soon.
I generally tend to keep things on a professional level, however I am more than happy to be friendly and respectful if mutually reciprocated. I do not hesitate to take action where necessary.