In Game Toxicity Rule – Last Updated: 22nd April 2019

The Toxicity Rule helps keep the gameplay fun for everyone, regardless of who they are. Actions that could be considered Toxic include but are not limited to:

• Waiting to close doors on other players.
• Repetitive stealing of key cards.
• Causing the death of your team (eg. Letting SCPs into 914 and locking them in there with your class and therefore getting everyone killed.
• Selling each other out to SCPs
• Constant Teaming (The only exception to this is if you are required to do it to save your life, as in a panic scenario).
• Insulting young players because they are young.
• Excessive insults / sweating to other players.
• Using the intercom to call out other players aggressively.
• Killing other SCPs as SCP-079 (eg. Purposly killing another SCP using a Tesla Gate).
• Mic Spam (including ear rape music and voice). (Please note that normal soundboard use is allowed, aslong as it is not consistant.)

This list is not exhaustive. Any Staff Member may ban somebody for Toxicity under reasonable grounds and follows the criteria for an action to be classed as Toxic.

Punishment: 15 Minute Ban | Second Offence: 1 Day Ban | Third Offence: Ban